Search by values for passive parts (resistors, capacitors)

Search for values

Please enter the values according to the following samples

Apart from searching by the manufacturer's part number, you can also search by values by entering the value and the type of package separated by dashes.
(Value-Package: e.g. 10K0-0204)

Examples for searching by values:

Resistors: Value-Package-TC Value-Tolerance
(e.g. 10K0-0204-50-1%)
10kOhm » 10K0
10 Ohm » 10R0
10M Ohm » 10M0
1.02k Ohm » 1k02
4.9 Ohm » 4R9
Capacitors: Value-Package-Volt-Tolerance-Material
(e.g. 1nF-0805-50V-10%-X7R)
F > mF > uF > nF > pF
0.22 nF = 220 pF
0,33 uF = 330 nF
10000 uF = 10 mF
1500 pF = 1.5 nF
You will get more precise search results the more values you enter (e.g. only value, package, TC value, tolerance).

If you want to search by part number please use our part search.