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AKM manufacturer electronics

We help you with your supply shortages of electronic components from Asahi Kasei Microsystems (AKM).

Sadly a fire broke out in one of AKM’s production plants on the southern Japanese island of Kyushu, which has critically damaged the building leaving the facility incapacitated. Therefore you could recently experience severe supply shortages when it comes to the procurement of electronic components from AKM. This is a rather heavy blow for the Audio Equipment sector as many manufacturers rely on these high-quality chips. Fortunately, Pegasus can help you with the procurement of many hard-to-find AKM products through its worldwide network of suppliers.
Below you find a selection of electronic components from AKM, that we can procure for you.
all electronic parts from Asahi Kasei Microdevices (AKM)
Pegasus IDPart NumberManufacturerProduct groupArticle groupArticle typeDate CodePackageQuantityAvailability
28594AK4112BVFAKMActive ComponentsIC0417SSOP28300in Stockinfos
162304AK4319VM-E2AKMActive ComponentsIC5N916NSSOP24930in Stockinfos
188382AK4353VF-E2AKMActive ComponentsconverterD/A converter0309VSOP242520in Stockinfos
215553AK4555VT-E2AKMActive Componentsmicroperipheral devicesmicroperipheral devicesn.a.500in Stockinfos
94144AK5349-VSAKMActive ComponentsIC9522SO282000in Stockinfos